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How to Apply Stucco to Your House like a Specialist

How to Apply Stucco to Your House like a Specialist

Advice Provided by a Proficient Local Stucco Company

Applying stucco to exterior walls is a great way to achieve the beauty of any home or a building. Usually, this material consists of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. Different contractors sometimes add different additives for enhanced strength and appearance. In this article, you will be offered some help to get the job done by yourself. What would a local stucco company advise?

Applying this material to your home’s exterior walls must be preceded by thorough and precise preparation. What does that mean? Stucco should never be applied on dirty and uneven walls. So, you have to clean them first and rectify all surface defects. Whether you have a brick, concrete, or wooden property, you have to take care of the exterior walls first.

Your next step is to check the weather forecast and choose warm weather with low wind and not very high temperatures. Select the sheathing materials to place underneath your mortar. Contractors normally use plywood, cement board, or gypsum sheathing. So, you should cover the walls from side to side with the material you pick and make sure comply with the local codes.

Now, you are ready to install weep screeds and a casing bead. You need to install them around the doors and windows on the outside of your home. Attach metal lath afterward properly. You have to overlap it and install control joints as well. Control joints are necessary at the places where two walls meet. Now, you are ready for the real deal. You should prepare your stucco mixture. Always make sure to read the instructions beforehand. With the help of a trowel, you can spread the material all over the walls evenly. For an outstanding appearance, you can create the pattern you want. After that, let it cure for 48 hours.

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